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Lawyer Checker is a leading provider of risk management software to the conveyancing sector offering a high level service which is secure and user friendly.

A web based application, a Lawyer Checker check enables conveyancers to be armed with the information they require to be able to make an informed decision about the recipient account number and protect client money from the potential risk of vendor conveyance fraud.

Built in the wake of Nationwide v Davisons and the subsequent warning from the SRA with regards to the reliability of the Law Society’s Find A Solicitor list, Lawyer Checker offers peace of mind to both the professional and client.

When a potential risk is identified, comprehensive further research is carried out within 4 working hours including:

  • Confirmation as to whether or not the individual is regulated to conduct conveyancing.
  • The distance of the vendor’s firm from the bank address.
  • The number of transactions for the previous year.
  • Any accreditations such CQS and Lexel.
  • Registrations on expected databases such as FCA and ICO.

 What are the results received?

The service from Lawyer Checker provides you with one of three results:

Frequent: This account has been used by numerous other conveyancers in the past and the database has ‘known’ this account for some time.

Infrequent : This account is relatively new or there are a very small number of searches which have been carried out against it.

Unknown: This account has no track record of use by other conveyancers.

Approximately 85% of the results will come back as Frequent, however if a result is Infrequent or Unknown it may present a potential risk. The team at Lawyer Checker suggest that conveyancers  use this information to seek to ensure that they are satisfied to a point where they are comfortable with sending client money to the account number given by the vendor conveyancer.

For as little as £10 + vat this is a disbursement that client purchasers will be happy to pay.

A Lawyer Checker check offers:

  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Safeguarding
  • Real time search power
  • Evidence data for matter file
  • Demonstration of Outcome Focussed processes.
  • Protection of reputation and brand
  • Mitigates potential stress for your client
  • Peace of mind for both conveyancer and client
  • Potential avoidance of increased insurance premiums
  • Reassurance to your client that their money is going to a bona fide conveyancer.

Be a well informed and diligent conveyancer; combat criminal conveyancer clones. Use Lawyer Checker and be armed with the right tools and information to be able to obtain the assurances you need to act in the best interests of your client.

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