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LawSkills provides learning & development for Private Client Practitioners

LawSkills has more than 30 years specialist experience working in, and for, Private Client Departments. The business is owned and managed by Gill Steel, one of the country’s most respected and knowledgeable learning and development providers on Private Client matters.

Services are fully digitally delivered, supporting practitioners across Wills, Probate, Trusts, Tax and Elderly & Vulnerable Client. Our unique approach allows us to offer insights into key areas, including adapting within an ever-changing profession, managing a heavy caseload and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Evolution is crucial for firms today and LawSkills’ bespoke approach to training facilitates this. We offer training across a range of topics, including how to convert enquiries into sales and steps that can help to increase the volume of higher value matters. Depending on your objectives, training can be used to achieve increased turnover and higher fees per matter, lower overheads, boost internal cross-selling, improve client retention and minimise professional indemnity insurance costs, among other things.


The support of a skilled specialist can make a real difference to individuals and businesses. Gill provides one-to-one or team coaching that takes a more individual approach to learning or consultancy. This is ideal for firms looking to make changes to minimise stress and increase personal productivity, boost revenue and maximise external referrals. It’s also a key tool for building confidence and overcoming issues such as Imposter Syndrome.

Management consulting

With an MBA in Legal Practice Management, Gill has been called on to help clients tackle challenges across practice management. She brings an external informed perspective and a keen focus on asking the right questions and steering working groups, guiding both short and long-term projects.

Genuinely useful resources LawSkills Monthly Digest

From whitepapers and newsletter content to specialist articles and the LawSkills Monthly Digest, our clients receive expert insights via our knowledge-based content. This is designed to support practice development, whether that is finding sanity in probate matters or dealing with SRA competence standards. You can get a taste of this by subscribing to the LawSkills Monthly Digest.

What differentiates us from other CPD providers?

  • Digital services – all our service are digitally delivered.
  • Real time topics – we cover what matters, whether you are seeking to improve workforce skills or looking for solutions to stay employed after lockdown.
  • Cost-effective – we design an approach to suit your budget.
  • Personalised – using your policies and procedures, we can design examples and case studies to suit you.
  • Flexible – we fit our services to your ability and experience, encouraging best practice from junior to more ‘seasoned’ practitioners.

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