Keller Lenkner UK

Keller LenknerKeller Lenkner UK is a group action and multi-party specialist litigation firm with offices in Chancery Lane in London and The Cotton Exchange in Liverpool.

The firm’s 30 strong legal team is currently representing tens of thousands of workers and consumers in actions against well-funded corporates.

Keller Lenkner UK approaches each claim with passion and diligence offering a knowledgeable team who are well versed in progressing high risk cases.

Currently representing in excess of 28,000 claimants, the firm’s highly experienced legal team offers extensive experience in complicated litigation. Current actions being pursued by the firm include:

  • employment claim against Uber for unpaid wages
  • emissions claims against the Volkswagen Group and Mercedes
  • data breach claims including Ticketmaster, British Airways, Marriott International, Equifax, Dixons Carphone, Yahoo, easyJet and T-Mobile.

The firm’s senior leadership and legal team have previously served as defendant and inhouse lawyers placing them in the enviable position of successfully anticipating opponent’s strategies to robustly represent clients.

The team is supported with global expertise providing a demonstrable advantage in claims against large multi-national and global organisations.

Working with expert barristers to secure positive outcomes, the team is committed to making the legal process accessible and convenient for all clients with the technology to facilitate a truly national service.


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