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Basic RGB [1]Organising and managing all the communications and content associated with professional work has never been more complicated – or more critical. You face unrelenting pressure to meet client demands for responsiveness, productivity and security yet several obstacles hinder your ability to effectively and efficiently serve your clients: Hundreds of disjointed communications – emails, texts, instant messages and voicemails – often locked in personal computers and mobile devices and inaccessible by other team members. Thousands of different documents attached to emails, stored locally, on servers and in the cloud, making it difficult to get a complete view of even simple, let alone complex, client issues. The result? Greater risk, lower client satisfaction and wasted time that could have been spent serving clients.

Enter iManage [1], the leader in Work Product Management software. iManage enables you to easily and efficiently manage the complete work product lifecycle by organising all client communications and content into secure, unified project workspaces, accessible from any device, anywhere, and securely sharable with partners and clients. With iManage, you can streamline the management of the complete life engagement lifecycle, enhancing productivity, reducing risk, improving responsiveness – and increasing client satisfaction.


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