ExizentExizent is the industry platform for professionals involved with managing the bereavement process. When someone passes away, Exizent connects the data and services used by legal services firms, institutions, and executors to sort out what’s required to make the journey for the bereaved an easier one.

The current processes involved in bereavement are lengthy, repetitive, and complicated. At Exizent we don’t believe it has to be this way. Performing probate work with a growing number of banks and institutions is more complex than ever. Without standardisation and the right tools available too much time is wasted on admin. We’re making things better.

Exizent’s platform is an integral part of the bereavement landscape helping to reduce uncertainty, increase speed and overall, make the process more straight forward for everyone.  Our platform helps legal services teams manage somebody’s estate by connecting through to services that make that information gathering and processing more straightforward. Helping streamline inefficient and costly processes and increase profitability with easier estate management and case administration.

Don’t let your probate service be left behind. You can be ahead of the game, ready to take advantage of industry changes and digitisation within your existing workflows and processes.




Key Services

Our online platform is digitising the probate process. Manage all your cases from one central place, from asset discovery through to court application filing.

Specialist Case User Interface: No more templates, build probate cases with dedicated software to minimise data entry and admin.

Designed for probate: Service design led probate software, built from the ground up with real teams coordinating probate work.

Court form export: Avoid mistakes and rework with pre-populated court forms, directly from your case data

Remote access software: Work from anywhere, securely managing all your probate cases, data, and users with cloud-based legal software.


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