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encompassEncompass Verify for law

Legal specialists learn much by investigating legal entities from information managed in country registers, by market data vendors and by credit bureaus. Encompass Verify for law is software that augmeVerify 200nts legal professionals so they complete this work faster, while reducing their risk of overlooking facts that later might prove decisive. The product documents their understanding in an interactive visual chart that aids communications between everyone involved in a case, including in court.

Encompass Verify for law is used throughout legal firms, including: client due diligence; litigation; mergers and acquisitions; forensic investigation; investigating companies to reveal property ownership and other assets; researching directors and shareholders to uncover relationships of relevance; establishing the facts of a complex group structure including the ultimate beneficiary of legal advice.

The product is simple to learn. An investigation of legal entity data is initiated from a familiar search box screen. Here the legal professional simply types the name of the entity of interest. From that point activity involves using a computer mouse to click and select from menus and pick lists. Results are displayed as a chart on which entities (companies and individuals) are shown as icons and relationships between entities, assets and other information shown as connecting lines.

Legal professionals are singing their praise for Encompass Verify for law. The product helps firms deliver high quality advice and service as attested to by Chris Wilkinson, Partner at Brown Wright Stein Lawyers: “We didn’t want the discussion in the client meeting to be limited to hypotheticals. Encompass enabled us to quickly understand the situation and provide meaningful advice to the client about the various registered security interests. Our prompt response surpassed the expectations of our client”. Dean Newlan, a Partner at McGrathNicol observes: “Quicker more efficient searching also means reduced costs and that is very important to our clients”. While an Australian State Government Intelligence Analyst adds “The chart was just presented in the public examination. It looked great, and added much clarity”.

Operating from offices in London, Glasgow and Sydney, Encompass Corporation creates data driven applications for visual analytics of legal entity data. These products are relied on and valued by legal firms, financial services companies, and accounting practices in the UK and Australia. The company was founded in 2011 by Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson, technology professionals who have successfully founded, grown and managed international software businesses.

Website: www.encompasscorporation.com/verify