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DPS Software

Founded more than three decades ago, DPS Software are the largest legal cloud in the UK.  We are also the first and only practice management software [1] provider to offer a integrated managed IT solution [2] under the same roof.

Serving over 700 practices and 15,000 individual users, DPS have built a strong and growing market position thanks to our award-winning products.

Our case management systems [3] workflows cover Conveyancing [4]Crime [5]Family [6]Personal Injury, [7]  and Wills & Probate [8]. They are complemented by a fully integrated accounting package [9] and digital dictation systems [10].

Market-leading legal software

Supplied as modules a practice can take the workflows that they need. This can then be delivered via the cloud as SAAS (Software as a Service) or as part of a fully-managed hosted solution [2]. This level of choice tries to meet each firm’s specific needs.

Working inside Outlook(tm) as a component of Outlook means users are in a familiar environment from the start. Users can manage their cases and related correspondence and files all within their email environment.

DPS opened a new office in Colombo, Sri Lanka  [11]in 2014 and have now built a development team of 30 staff so increasing focus on developing remote working software solutions. In 2016, DPS rolled out a range of new products including DPS Spitfire [12], its web-based practice management software, DPS iTime [13] and DPS SafeChat [14].

What Makes Us Different?

In short DPS provide all the standard and specialist applications that a law firm would need (from Microsoft Office licences to practice management and digital dictation software). When we add razor-sharp technical support and a fully managed IT environment we are providing a complete andunique one-stop shop solution for legal businesses