The National Will Register

the national will register new logo 2022Thousands of solicitors use Certainty’s services every day. Certainty the National Will Register has not only grown because of the legally accredited services it provides the profession and the public, but the proven risk management and business benefits it delivers to the practitioner and the law firm. Certainty consists of three core services: Will Registration, Will Search and TOUCH Will management with integrated marketing. All are purposefully designed to assist law firms to secure clients, drive business, lock down future probate work from the Wills they write and importantly reduce risk during estate administration.

Certainty Will Search

• Searches for registered and unregistered Wills, including Certainty member and non-member firms and Will Writers

• Protects against incorrect distribution of an estate

• A low cost, fast and effective Will search service (from £38 +vat)

• Reduces risk for the law firm, PRs, administrators and executors

• Referenced in the Probate Practitioner’s Handbook

• Advised in various practice notes including LexisNexis and PLC

• Gives comfort to a COLP, demonstrates a search has been undertaken

• You do not have to be a member of Certainty to use Will Search

For further information please contact Certainty on 0330 100 3660 or email

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