Casedo 200

Made by lawyers, for lawyers, Casedo is the multi-document reader and organisation tool streamlining the legal analysis and court bundling process.

Whether you’re a barrister, a solicitor or a paralegal, you’ve experienced the frustration of having to rifle through paperwork to find the one detail you needed to build your case. No more. With Casedo, seamlessly switch between documents, highlight vital information, make notes and create links between files, all on one platform.

Benefit from the search and speed capabilities of a digital platform, without sacrificing the element that makes you the best legal professional possible — human analysis.

Casedo is designed for you, and is adaptable to the way you like to work. It reduces the amount of time spent on case preparation, so you can focus on the analysis, argument, and articulation of your case.

Tired of working with paper? Want to become more efficient? Why don’t you Casedo?

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