AmiqusAmiqus makes compliance easy by bringing your candidate checks into one secure and efficient online environment. You are able to screen frontline AML staff in line with the LSAG guidance, and verify and onboard new clients.

Using Amiqus allows your clients to complete their checks from the comfort of their own home and from any device. You retain your logo and branding as clients progress through their journey. Firms that use our platform tell us that adopting Amiqus has meant their lawyers and support staff spend less time chasing documents and doing paperwork, and more time doing what they do best: supporting their clients.

But Amiqus is also more than just an AML/KYC and staff vetting platform. It’s an onboarding tool – with us, you can easily gather and exchange all the information you need to onboard your clients securely. We enable you to get away from unsecure practices such as using email to send across documents. Our form functionality allows you to transfer client data such as bank statements, forms and other documents securely and instantly. It also allows you to complete and store risk assessments forms, making internal/external audits more straightforward.

Amiqus consults with ICAS, the UK Government and other regulators and governing bodies to ensure the platform exceeds regulatory requirements. By using Amiqus, you can have confidence that your compliance processes are up to standard.

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