Amberis200pxAmberis is an independent After the Event insurance specialist which prides itself on its ability to provide fully delegated bespoke protection facilities unrivalled in the market place.

Operating formerly as Parker Colby and re-branding in late 2014, Amberis have been a trusted broker for over 12 years.

Amberis prides itself on expert market knowledge and excellent insurer relationships to build unrivalled products at highly competitive prices.

Key Features:

  • Independent
  • No broker fees
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Market leading premiums
  • SRA compliant
  • Full market review
  • CMS integration
  • Cost effective
  • Fully Delegated Authority Schemes
  • Wide range of cover catered for

At Amberis, we work on your behalf and help maintain excellent insurer relationships. We work hard on behalf of our clients to work to differing requirements. The end result is a commercially favourable agreement which provides the right protection.

Why use amberis?

With so many products and providers in the market place, the process of selecting an Insurance partner can be time consuming and confusing. It is also unlikely to find one product which meets all of your buying criteria.

Amberis do all the hard work for you by shaping your facility around your exact requirements and then negotiating with Insurers on your behalf to ensure competitive premiums and suitable processes.

Amberis is remunerated directly by the Insurer and premiums are not increased due to their involvement. In fact, Amberis are able to offer better commercial rates than if you were to go direct.

As your appointed broker, Amberis sit firmly on your side of the table. We work hard to establish positive Insurer relations and ensure your facility runs as smoothly as possible. We provide regular market updates and reviews to ensure your facility remains the most suitable.

What facilities are available?

Amberis provide facilities for all sizes of Personal Injury practices catering for volume players or more niche firms.

Amberis look to provide fully delegated authority schemes with low touch points and reporting requirements because as experts, we believe you should have full choice on which cases to pursue. With IT integration available for most Case Management Systems, the application and updates for policies is slick and easy to use.

Ways to cover:

  • Delegated Authority
  • Part 36 Adverse Costs Only
  • Full Risk Transfer
  • Claims Reserve
    • Single Risk Review
  • Insurer panel proposal
    • Funding
  • TP Funding with ATE
Cases covered:

  • RTA
  • EL
  • PL / OL
  • Multi-track
  • Clinical / Medical Negligence
  • Industrial Disease
  • Travel Sickness
  • Professional Negligence
  • Commercial Risk

Amberis can also provide delegated authority or single risk review ATE solutions for high value cases as well as Commercial risks. With the support of many of the largest Insurers in the market place, Amberis can quickly obtain quotations on your behalf.

How do I contact amberis?

Amberis provide a free consultation and review service for your existing ATE arrangements. If we feel you could benefit from a different facility you will be provided with a recommendation report which will justify the new solution.

Please feel free to visit our website

Or please contact:

Rory Wilson

Business Development Manager


M: 07540 014 763

T: 0161 393 9377