Amazing Support

Amazing SupportAmazing is not a phrase that people are used to hearing alongside IT support. More common are expletives and other phrases which would not be appropriate to say here.

Because of this, we always have a sense of pride that we often hear words such as amazing, brilliant and outstanding used to describe our IT support. How do we do it?

Firstly, we believe in employing brilliant staff who not only understand the technical side of the business but are also jolly nice people. They speak to clients as humans, not machines.

Secondly, we treat each and every client as if they are our only one. We care passionately about customer services and this has been the bedrock of how Jamie Claret, the owner has grown the business.

Finally we are obsessive about your systems. If we can’t say with absolute confidence that we know your systems inside and out, and that we know how to get you running again in the event of a failure, then we do whatever it takes to ensure that we do.

Amazing Support has extensive knowledge within the professional sector and specifically with legal systems. We understand and are able to advise on in-house as well as hosted systems, from practice and case management to fully hosted office systems.

Jamie Claret – Director

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