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The professions in transition – 15 November, London

Risk management for law firms – 6-7 December, London

Financial and business planning for law firms – 8 December, London

Anti-money laundering compliance for law firms – 22 February, London

PSMG 16 Annual Conference: The professions in transition

15 November 2011

The Legal Services Act wil have far reaching implications for both sides of the legal profession whilst in accounting, real estate, management consulting and other professions, globalisation, consolidation, regulatory compliance and the wholesale reform of the business models of many firms in a low growth economy, will be just the starting point. The 2011 PSMG conference will be chaired by Professor Stephen Mayson, witih a keynote by Tony Williams, founder of Jomati, a leading professional services consultancy and a galaxy of high level speakers and workshop presenters.

See the full conference programme to book your place. Early bird discounts available before 16 September.


Risk management for law firms conference

6-7 December 2011, London

Legal Futures readers have been offered a 20% early bird discount to Managing Partner’s two day “Risk Management for Law Firms” conference on 6-7 December in London. To claim your discount book before 14th October 2011 quoting booking code ‘LF20’

Risk professionals have had a difficult task dealing with the challenges of the new outcomes focused regulation which was introduced this year but the work does not stop there. There are still questions to be answered: How will OFR work in practice? What is still expected of them? Who will take on the role of COLP?

This two-day conference will not only allow you to hear from your peers about how they are dealing with the changes being made to the legal sector but you will also be able to enter into an open discussion with representatives from the SRA and Law Society.

For delegate and marketing enquiries please contact:
Nathan Denham, Marketing Manager
Email: events@ark-group.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 7549 2535
Visit the conference website
Two-day conference only: £1,245 + VAT


 Financial and business planning for law firms

8 December 2011, London

Due to the increased competition in the legal market the role of the finance director and other finance managers has had to develop and change. The uncertainty in the market place has created the need for a greater understanding of your firm’s long term financial future and how that will ultimately impact on its profits. During this conference you will learn how to ensure your firm is able to deliver value added services and alternative fee arrangements profitably. You will also have the opportunity to quiz our panel of experts on what short and long term funds and terms are available to firms as well as gain an essential update on the expectations for the COFA role to ensure your firm is ready. This one-day intensive focused agenda has been designed for busy law firm finance leaders and controllers who simply can’t afford to spend much time out of the office. This event will give you the critical tools to better predict your firms financial future and give you the unique chance to hear from the leading law firms on how they are increasing their profits.

For more details view the conference website or contact Nathan Denham at events@ark-group.com


Anti-money laundering compliance for law firms

22 February 2012, London

With all the regulatory changes that the legal sector has gone through in the last few months it is important not to drop the ball on money laundering compliance. The fines for money laundering are still a huge risk to law firms and the individual within law firms.
The processes and procedures your firm follows should be under constant scrutiny in order to protect your firm. This event will give you the knowledge to review those processes and feel confident that you are protected. This conference gives you crucial insights into key trends in money laundering, and will equip you with deeper understandings of the key issues and challenges faced by law firms in this current climate. Legal Futures readers are entitled to a 20% discount on this conference – book by 16 December quoting reference ‘LF20’.

For more details visit the conference website or contact Nathan Denham at events@ark-group.com


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Is your marketing budget actually delivering a return?

Qamar Anwar 2

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted: the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Marketing pioneer John Wanamaker may have been forgiven for his lack of insight into his advertising budget back in the late 19th century, but what of today’s marketers? Surely in today’s data-driven age, accessing and utilising marketing budget data is commonplace? But in a world where there is a plentiful supply of data and information to aid marketing planning and decision making, it was quite shocking to see in new research that so many firms are investing in marketing activities that they openly admit are neither important nor effective.

October 19th, 2017