Solicitors “must think about run-off cover” ahead of SIF closing

15 August 2019

Partners and fee-earners in law firms which have closed should give “careful thought” to buying additional run-off cover to protect them when the Solicitors Indemnity Fund closes next year.

Drink-driving solicitors sanctioned by SRA

15 August 2019

Three solicitors with convictions for drink-driving have been sanctioned by the Solicitors Regulation Authority after signing regulatory settlement agreements.

Solicitor struck off for misleading regulator

14 August 2019

A solicitor cleared of all the substantive charges against him by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal has still been struck off because he misled the Solicitors Regulation Authority during its investigation.

Solicitor struck off for forging property transfer form

13 August 2019

A solicitor who forged signatures to transfer a property without authority in order to cover up a mistake he feared would lose his firm an important client, has been struck off.

SDT throws out money laundering case against solicitors

12 August 2019

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal has thrown out the prosecution of two solicitors for breaching the money laundering regulations rules after finding that they had no case to answer.

Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief reprimand solicitor judges

12 August 2019

Two solicitor judges who failed to inform the judicial authorities that they had been investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have been reprimanded by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice. Maneer Ghani, who sits as a magistrate in… Read More

Tribunal clears solicitor of misleading court

9 August 2019

A disciplinary tribunal has cleared a Manchester claimant solicitor of allegations that he deliberately misled a court about when he had sent documents to the defendant solicitors in a case.

SRA spells out how to lack integrity without being dishonest

9 August 2019

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has set out ways in which solicitors can fail to act with integrity – the source of much debate over the extent to which it differs from dishonesty.

SRA delay helps “manifestly incompetent” solicitor avoid strike-off

8 August 2019

A solicitor who acted recklessly and with “manifest incompetence” by becoming involved in a Ponzi scheme has avoided being struck off in part because of the delay in the SRA prosecuting him.

Firms learn from each other how to be LGBT inclusive

8 August 2019

Law firms have shared details of how being mentored by larger practices has helped them make their workplaces more friendly to LGBT solicitors, staff and clients.

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22 August 2019

Mind the gap

The gap I am talking about is the one between what PII and the compensation fund covers. It is a surprisingly large gap and so far hundreds of clients, and millions of pounds, have fallen into it.

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