Conveyancers “underquoting to win business”, SRA suggests

8 April 2019

Some conveyancing law firms are providing unrealistic initial quotes in order to win business and most cause unnecessary enquiries from the Land Registry, SRA research has suggested.

Solicitor fined £45,000 for putting son’s interests before clients

4 April 2019

A solicitor who used his role in a collective enfranchisement process to push his son’s interests at the expense of other clients has been fined £45,000 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Weinstein NDA solicitor referred to disciplinary tribunal

3 April 2019

A solicitor at City firm Allen & Overy involved in drafting a non-disclosure agreement involving film producer Harvey Weinstein has been referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

High Court strikes off overcharging solicitor

3 April 2019

The High Court has struck off a solicitor who instituted a practice of “gross overcharging” in clinical negligence cases so as to maximise profits, overturning a fine imposed by a disciplinary tribunal.

Discriminatory instruction barrister: Fault is system’s not solicitor’s

2 April 2019

The Asian woman barrister who was disinstructed after her client wanted a white man to represent her has said she does not blame the solicitor involved.

Loans made by firms before interventions do not go to SRA

2 April 2019

The right to recover money under loans made by a law firm before an intervention does not vest in the Solicitors Regulation Authority, appeal judges have ruled.

Solicitors must think about “impression created” by NDAs

1 April 2019

Solicitors must think beyond the drafting of non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements to the “impression created” by them, a panel of experts has warned.

Tax fraud solicitor proclaims innocence as he accepts strike-off

1 April 2019

A solicitor currently in jail for his part in a fraudulent tax evasion scheme has agreed to be struck off while insisting that he did nothing more than “major English law firms” do for clients every day.

Developers pledge proper legal advice for leaseholders

29 March 2019

More than 40 leading property developers and freeholders – but no lawyers as yet – have signed a government-backed pledge that highlights the duty of conveyancers to act in the best interests of clients.

Solicitors escape tribunal after admitting multiple rule breaches

29 March 2019

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has discontinued disciplinary tribunal proceedings against two solicitors after they admitted multiple accounts rules breaches.

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18 April 2019

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