SRA prosecutes solicitor for second time over same case

19 October 2018

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is taking the unusual step of prosecuting a solicitor for the second time over the same collapsed investment scheme. He was previously suspended for a year.

SRA wins right to recover £800,000 costs from Blavo

17 October 2018

The Court of Appeal has allowed the Solicitors Regulation Authority to try and recover the £800,000 it spent intervening in collapsed law firm Blavo & Co.

LSB: Regulators making “good progress” on publishing prices

17 October 2018

The frontline regulators are making “very good progress” in improving price transparency, the Legal Services Board has said – but its consumer panel was far less impressed.

Solicitor operated under radar for 12 years without insurance

17 October 2018

A sole practitioner who practised without authorisation or indemnity insurance for 12 years to 2016 has been struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Court quadruples sexual assault solicitor’s suspension

16 October 2018

The suspension handed out by a disciplinary tribunal to a solicitor found guilty of sexual assault was too lenient, the High Court has ruled in quadrupling its length.

“Despicable” partner used client money to prop up firm

16 October 2018

A partner who abused his position of trust “in the most despicable way”, raising false bills and using client money to “prop up” his law firm, has been struck off.

Solicitors launch app to ease CPD compliance

16 October 2018

Two solicitor-advocates have launched a web-based phone app to help other solicitors fulfil their annual continuing professional development obligation.

SRA: Sharp rise in reports of harassment and NDAs

15 October 2018

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has seen a sudden rush in reports of sexual harassment and improper use of non-disclosure agreements, it has emerged.

Banks’ solicitors “bullying defrauded customers into silence”

15 October 2018

Solicitors are “aiding and abetting concealment of potential criminal activity” by bullying the victims of business banking fraud into silence, an MP has claimed.

Solicitor who “deliberately misled” regulator is struck off

15 October 2018

A solicitor who “deliberately misled” the Solicitor Regulation Authority and continued to practise after telling the regulator his law firm was closed has been struck off.

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18 October 2018

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