SIF rule could be “catastrophic” for retired solicitors

20 September 2019

Refusal by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund to accept notifications of potential claims could be “catastrophic” for retired solicitors, a specialist in professional regulation and insurance has warned.

Barristers and solicitor sanctioned for drink-driving

20 September 2019

A leading silk who drove his car into a ditch while under the influence of alcohol has been fined £600 by the Bar Standards Board, one of three recent disciplinary cases involving drink-driving lawyers.

SDT throws out case against Law Society vice-president

19 September 2019

A disciplinary tribunal has thrown out as groundless an attempt to bring misconduct proceedings against the vice-president of the Law Society, in a rare private prosecution brought by a former client.

Struck-off solicitor re-admitted despite SRA objections

18 September 2019

A struck-off senior partner has been restored to the roll over the objections of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, less than seven years after he was first barred from practising as a solicitor.

Trainee sanctioned for trying to mislead third party

18 September 2019

A trainee solicitor who amended a document in order to mislead a third party has been rebuked and banned from working in the profession without the permission of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

CA quashes paralegal’s “unfair” contempt sentence

17 September 2019

It was “manifestly unfair” for a circuit judge to issue a paralegal with a suspended six-month prison sentence for inadvertently breaching the Family Procedure Rules, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Solicitor “offered client money” to withdraw complaint

16 September 2019

A solicitor who offered a client money to withdraw a complaint against him has been struck off. He also created a false settlement agreement that saw a client pay money to a fictitious claimant.

Solicitors given insurance warning over freelance status

13 September 2019

Solicitors who take on the new freelance status may find it difficult to return to working for law firms due to insurance problems, the Law Society has warned.

Unregulated firms should offer solicitors “ethics guarantee”

12 September 2019

Solicitors working for unregulated entities under new rules should seek contractual assurances from their employers that their professional obligations cannot be overridden, the Law Society has advised.

Law firms “need data-sharing guidance” to avoid GDPR breaches

12 September 2019

The Information Commissioner needs to provide specific guidance to law firms on how they can lawfully share personal data, a leading City law firm has argued.

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16 September 2019

The Amazon effect

I have to be honest and say it still amazes me how many lawyers we come into contact with, who are still behaving like dinosaurs when it comes to technology. It’s not about chronological age.

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