Solicitors launch app to ease CPD compliance

16 October 2018

Two solicitor-advocates have launched a web-based phone app to help other solicitors fulfil their annual continuing professional development obligation.

SRA: Sharp rise in reports of harassment and NDAs

15 October 2018

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has seen a sudden rush in reports of sexual harassment and improper use of non-disclosure agreements, it has emerged.

Banks’ solicitors “bullying defrauded customers into silence”

15 October 2018

Solicitors are “aiding and abetting concealment of potential criminal activity” by bullying the victims of business banking fraud into silence, an MP has claimed.

Solicitor who “deliberately misled” regulator is struck off

15 October 2018

A solicitor who “deliberately misled” the Solicitor Regulation Authority and continued to practise after telling the regulator his law firm was closed has been struck off.

No-deal Brexit “will strip EEA lawyers of special status”

15 October 2018

EEA lawyers operating in the UK post-Brexit will be stripped of their special status if there is no deal, the government has confirmed, causing issues for them and their firms.

Law Society pledges action over solicitors’ use of NDAs

12 October 2018

The Law Society has told MPs that it is to take action over the inappropriate use of non-disclosure agreements by solicitors, with guidance for both lawyers and clients.

Solicitor “ignored money laundering duties”

12 October 2018

A solicitors who recklessly exposed his firm to the risk of money laundering has been fined £12,500 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Civil standard of proof a “positive incentive for solicitors”

12 October 2018

Adopting the civil standard of proof for SDT prosecutions could act as a “positive incentive for solicitors to deliver good services”, it was said as the Bar’s change was approved.

Government and SRA work to build BAME trust in solicitors

11 October 2018

The Ministry of Justice is working with the Solicitors Regulation Authority to build greater trust in solicitors among black and minority ethnic people in custody.

Barrister wins right to see reports his bank made to police

10 October 2018

A barrister has won the right to see suspicious activity reports that his bank made to the National Crime Agency about money received into his accounts.

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18 October 2018

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