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Solicitors’ firms starting to switch regulator

8 October 2018

Solicitors’ firms are moving their whole practices or conveyancing departments to the oversight of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, it has emerged.

Panel blasts ICAEW’s approach to probate prices

5 October 2018

The Legal Services Consumer Panel has strongly criticised the “insufficient” plans of the second largest probate regulator to introduce new requirements on publishing prices.

Online quote generators “must give instant results”

1 October 2018

Consumers using an online estimate generator should not have to give lawyers their contact details before receiving the figure, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers has said.

CMC owners face an end to ‘phoenixing’

20 September 2018

An end to owners of CMCs closing down a distressed firm and opening another – known as ‘phoenixing’ – is on the cards under new proposals from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Bogus lawyer who stole £68,000 from clients jailed

11 September 2018

A woman who falsely claimed to be a qualified immigration lawyer, and did not deliver on what clients paid her £68,000 for, has been jailed for five years.

CLC price and service transparency rules approved

31 August 2018

Licensed conveyancers will be required to publish price and service information on their websites from December after the Legal Services Board approved their regulator’s new rules.

Big CMCs to be hit hardest as FCA seeks £17m

23 August 2018

The big CMCs will be hit hardest by fee increases planned by the Financial Conduct Authority to fund the £17m cost of their new regulatory regime.

Bogus lawyer convicted for second time

14 August 2018

A man has pleaded guilty to five counts of providing unqualified immigration advice and services, some 13 years after an identical conviction.

Bogus lawyer jailed for “worse than useless” advice

7 August 2018

A man who falsely claimed he fronted a legal business has been sent to prison for charging £12,000 for advice a judge described as “worse than useless”.

Conveyancing giant “to play big role” in parent PLC’s recovery

6 August 2018

One of the ‘big five’ conveyancing law firms is aiming for more market share and remortgage work as part of efforts to steady its struggling parent company.

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