Slimmed-down Bar transparency regime to go live in May

1 February 2019

The Bar Standards Board has curbed some of the areas where public access barristers will have to provide price transparency as it named May 2019 as the start-date for the new regime.

Barrister who failed to pass on fees to colleague suspended

25 January 2019

A public access barrister who failed to pass on fees payable to a colleague has been suspended by a disciplinary tribunal. She was given a further suspension for not telling a client about a court order.

Female barristers highlight clash between work and family

22 January 2019

Research led by female barristers has highlighted the stark choices faced by women trying to balance working in private practice with looking after children.

Mini-pupillages could “indirectly discriminate”, BSB review finds

22 January 2019

Unpaid mini-pupillages could “indirectly discriminate” against would-be barristers from poorer backgrounds, a review by the Bar Standards Board has found.

Struck-off solicitor disbarred over legal aid fraud

21 January 2019

A dual-qualified solicitor and barrister who was struck off after being convicted of conspiracy to defraud the Legal Aid Agency has now been disbarred. He was given a two-year suspended sentence.

Bar Council eyes solicitor support for fair allocation of briefs

16 January 2019

The Bar Council may work with the Law Society to influence solicitors and clients as part of a campaign to ensure a fairer allocation of briefs to women barristers.

Bar Council renews attack on BSB over price transparency

15 January 2019

The Bar Council is still unhappy with the price transparency regime proposed by the Bar Standards Board (BSB), despite the regulator’s decision to limit publication of information about fees to public access work. The revised rules came under fire from… Read More

SRA “not sufficiently transparent” in explaining decisions

15 January 2019

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is “not sufficiently transparent” in explaining its decisions at board level, the Legal Services Board has said, while ticking off other regulators too.

Consumer panel attacks BSB over price transparency

3 January 2019

Access to justice includes information about lawyers’ fees, the Legal Services Consumer Panel has told the Bar Standards Board. It also called for more focus on barristers’ communication skills.

Bar Council calls for review of rules on fair allocation of work

19 December 2018

The Bar Council has called on the Bar Standards Board to review the rules on fair allocation of work for barristers, saying that regulatory attention on diversity should focus on career progression.

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