Barristers warned over social media misuse “at all times”

21 October 2019

Barristers who use social media inappropriately will face disciplinary action even if they believe they are doing so in their private capacity, the Bar Standards Board has warned.

Legal Services Board eyes its own transparency push

21 October 2019

The Legal Services Board could steal a march on the Solicitors Regulation Authority by holding at least one of its board meetings in public, it has emerged.

Barristers take over pioneering motor trade law firm

17 October 2019

Husband and wife barristers have taken over a niche motor trade law firm this month, which has been offering fixed fees since the 1990s and offers an end-to-end legal service.

LSB could start reviewing regulators’ disciplinary files

17 October 2019

The Legal Services Board could start reviewing regulators’ case files to increase its oversight of the quality of their disciplinary decisions in the wake of the Leigh Day case, it has emerged.

Barrister convicted of assault suspended for 28 days

9 October 2019

A barrister convicted of assault has been suspended for 28 days, just months after he was fined for possessing a Class A drug. His is one of several recent disciplinary cases involving barristers.

Financial services chief to head BSB

8 October 2019

The chief executive of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme is to take over as director-general of the Bar Standards Board as we round up several pieces of news from the regulator.

Barrister sanctioned for “seriously offensive” tweet

4 October 2019

A barrister who sent a “seriously offensive” tweet that was “racially charged and derogatory to women” has been reprimanded and given a “low-level” fine of £1,000.

Aspiring barristers “not told reality of obstacles facing them”

2 October 2019

Students aspiring to careers as barristers are not always told honestly the difficulties they will face with obtaining a pupillage and funding their studies, according to a retired High Court judge.

Bad behaviour by male barristers “still abounds”

1 October 2019

Inappropriate behaviour by male barristers in robing rooms and at Bar messes “still abounds”, with many women afraid to speak out, the Association of Women Barristers has said.

Barristers and solicitor sanctioned for drink-driving

20 September 2019

A leading silk who drove his car into a ditch while under the influence of alcohol has been fined £600 by the Bar Standards Board, one of three recent disciplinary cases involving drink-driving lawyers.

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