SRA: Law firm harassment cases behind majority of NDA complaints

25 April 2019

More than half of the reports received by the SRA about the use of non-disclosure agreements in discrimination or harassment cases relate to claims made within law firms, it has emerged.

Barrister and solicitor thrown out of profession for sex offences

17 April 2019

A barrister jailed for 10 years for multiple sex offences has been disbarred, while a solicitor convicted of three offences and handed a suspended sentence has been struck off.

Barrister’s non-contractual fees “vest in trustee in bankruptcy”

15 April 2019

A barrister’s non-contractual fees are property for the purposes of insolvency law and vest in his trustee in bankruptcy, the Court of Appeal has ruled as it overturned the High Court.

High Court rejects bomb hoax barrister’s appeal

10 April 2019

The High Court has rejected an appeal from a barrister disbarred last year after being jailed for telling the government that the Olympic Games in London was at risk from terrorists with a nuclear bomb.

Jail for bogus barrister who scammed his way to pupillage

3 April 2019

A fraudster who posed as a barrister after tricking a London set into giving him pupillage has been jailed for 27 months. He worked on 18 family law cases, one of which has already had to be reheard.

Discriminatory instruction barrister: Fault is system’s not solicitor’s

2 April 2019

The Asian woman barrister who was disinstructed after her client wanted a white man to represent her has said she does not blame the solicitor involved.

“Unnecessary” – BSB explains u-turn on issuing NDA guidance

28 March 2019

The Bar Standards Board went back on its intention to issue guidance on the use of non-disclosure agreements after concluding it was “neither necessary nor appropriate”, MPs have been told.

Pupil recruitment system “not virtue signalling”, QC says

27 March 2019

The first chambers to use a recruitment system which provides ‘contextual’ information to improve diversity is not “virtue signalling”, the head of its pupillage committee has said.

Barrister withdrew from case “without telling client or chambers”

27 March 2019

A barrister who failed to tell a client that he was withdrawing from their case before the Court of Appeal has effectively been suspended for three years. He did not tell his chambers either.

SRA and BSB praised for enforcement processes

25 March 2019

The Legal Services Board has given both the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board a clean bill of health in the way they enforce their rules.

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