Barrister “of good judgement” was not negligent over client’s conviction

2 December 2020

A barrister of “good judgement” who had to make rapid decisions in a “pressurised environment” was not negligent even though it turned out her client was wrongly convicted.

BSB stats and Beckwith ruling put focus on misconduct outside practice

1 December 2020

There has been a significant increase in the number of complaints about the conduct of barristers outside of practice, it has emerged, as the implications of the Beckwith ruling continue to reverberate.

Silent sufferers? Bar’s efforts to improve harassment reporting failing

30 November 2020

The Bar Standards Board is to “reflect” on the duty on barristers to report harassment, with efforts to improve reporting proving ineffective, as it looks at new measures to tackle bullying and harassment.

Chambers “expected” to commit to race audits and ‘positive action’

27 November 2020

Chambers should conduct race equality audits and, if necessary, introduce “positive action” to address the problems identified, as well as publish anti-racist statements, the BSB is set to say.

Ireland rejects solicitor/barrister fusion – for now

27 November 2020

The Republic of Ireland’s single regulator for the legal profession has decided that it would be “premature” to abolish the distinction between solicitors and barristers.

‘Upskirting’ Brexit barrister banned for six months

25 November 2020

A senior government barrister, who was one of the first people convicted of ‘upskirting’, has been banned from returning to practice for six months after he completes his sentence.

Barristers aim to end “shocking” lack of diversity on Western Circuit

20 November 2020

A group of barristers has launched a bid to end what they describe as a “shocking” lack of diversity on the Western Circuit, where none of the full-time circuit judges are from BAM) backgrounds.

Barristers sanctioned for misconduct while working for solicitors

20 November 2020

Two barristers who have faced the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal have now been sanctioned by the Bar’s counterpart, with one being disbarred and the other reprimanded.

Black barristers report high levels of discrimination by judiciary

19 November 2020

More Black barristers have reported experiencing racism from judges, magistrates and panel members than from other lawyers, a report has found.

“Shocking discrepancies” in Bar gender pay gap analysis

12 November 2020

The gender pay gap at the Bar is “alive and well”, the chair of the Bar Council said yesterday, after new figures looking at individual practice areas revealed “shocking discrepancies”.

Bar Council braces for £3m loss as Covid hits profession’s income

11 November 2020

The Bar Council is bracing for a £3.2m loss next year with revenue from practising fees – which are tied to barristers’ income – set to tumble because of Covid-19.

Barrister gave court wrong address to “fraudulently” obtain divorce

10 November 2020

A barrister who deliberately gave the court a wrong address “with the intention of obtaining a divorce fraudulently” has been disbarred.

Research lays bare Bar’s gender and ethnicity pay gap

6 November 2020

Female barristers and those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are likely to earn less than male and White counterparts by every measure, new research has found.

Leading academic to review BSB exams furore

3 November 2020

A leading legal academic has been appointed to lead the independent review into the difficulties experienced by students who sought to sit the centralised Bar exams this summer.

New chambers goes virtual – for now

3 November 2020

Crucible Law opens its doors virtually this week following the closure of predecessor set Charter Chambers in the teeth of the pandemic’s impact on the justice system.

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