New barrister firm offers fixed fees for arbitration

19 July 2018

A barrister who worked as an advocate at City law firms has set up a niche commercial firm regulated by the BSB, offering arbitration clients fixed fees.

Barristers divided over value of mentorship

9 July 2018

A survey of a barristers’ mentoring scheme has found a wide divergence of perceptions between the newly qualified and experienced advocates questioned.

Barrister reprimanded for buying and supplying cannabis

4 July 2018

A barrister found to have bought and supplied cannabis has been reprimanded and fined by the Bar Standards Board.

BSB and Bar Council warn about risks of online barrister reviews

3 July 2018

The Bar Standards Board has warned consumers about the risks of choosing a barrister based on online reviews.

Independent barristers “better quality” than other criminal advocates, say judges

2 July 2018

The standard of criminal advocacy is “generally competent”, but that of solicitor-advocates and in-house barristers is inferior to the self-employed Bar, research among judges has found.

Criminal defence barrister jailed for tax fraud

27 June 2018

A criminal defence barrister who specialised in fraud work has been jailed for 18 months for tax fraud. He failed to submit 26 VAT returns or any self-assessment returns since 1999.

“Significant increase” in barristers reporting bullying, harassment and discrimination

25 June 2018

A third of women barristers, those from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background and disabled barristers have experienced harassment, bullying or discrimination in recent years.

“We need to bring judicial bullying into the open,” says Bar Council chair

20 June 2018

There needs to be a culture of awareness and openness about bullying by judges, the chairman of the Bar Council has said.

Contrasting fortunes for barristers appealing high-profile disciplinary rulings

12 June 2018

Two barristers have had contrasting fortunes in appeals against high-profile sanctions imposed by the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal. While the High Court found that the tribunal had gone too far in suspending Roy Headlam for giving a client money, it upheld the reprimand handed out to Howard Godfrey QC for making “offensive” comments in court.

Sanctions for solicitor who posted offensive comments on Facebook and barrister who got clerk to lie

8 June 2018

A solicitor who made offensive remarks in a private Facebook group has been rebuked and fined, while other unusual disciplinary decisions announced yesterday included a suspension for a barrister who got her clerk to lie about her availability for a hearing.

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