SRA and BSB praised for enforcement processes

25 March 2019

The Legal Services Board has given both the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board a clean bill of health in the way they enforce their rules.

Jailed paedophile barrister disbarred

21 March 2019

A barrister jailed for 20 years after pleading guilty to 37 charges relating to child sexual abuse has been disbarred. John Guess, called in 2000, had been a lawyer for the Welsh government.

Barrister reprimanded and fined for “unwanted sexual conduct”

18 March 2019

A senior male barrister found to have engaged in “unwanted sexual conduct” towards a woman has been reprimanded and fined £3,000 by a Bar disciplinary tribunal.

LSB “should focus on tackling sexual harassment”, says Law Society

6 March 2019

The Legal Services Board should focus on tackling sexual harassment in the workplace instead of pushing its agenda of ‘change for change’s sake’, the Law Society has said.

Barrister apprentices on way as training reforms are approved

1 March 2019

The Legal Services Board has approved the new training regime for barristers that will open up four routes to qualification, including an apprenticeship, and strength regulatory oversight of the inns of court.

Bar Council urges barristers to call out judicial bullying

25 February 2019

The Bar Council has called on barristers to take action over bullying by judges that they experience or witness, and is looking at a new approach to overcome reluctance to report incidents.

“Testosterone overdose” deterring women from profession

22 February 2019

Support for diversity initiatives has come from the upper levels of the barristers’ profession, with a top QC warning of a “teststerone overdose” in the wake of criticism of how some men behave.

Regulators “need to sustain” social welfare law training

15 February 2019

The government, legal regulators and others need to come together to ensure that the next generation of lawyers have the chance to study social welfare law or face even more ‘advice deserts’.

“Less talk, more action” needed to tackle female barrister crisis

12 February 2019

There needs to be less talk and more action to tackle the “crisis” of female criminal law barristers leaving the profession, the head of the Criminal Bar Association has argued.

CA: “Bully” judge forced mother to agree to care orders

11 February 2019

A judge effectively bullied a mother into agreeing to interim care orders for her children against her wishes, the Court of Appeal has found. The “oppressive behaviour” meant there was not a fair hearing.

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