Regulators “must guard against misuse of lawtech”

10 December 2018

AI-backed lawtech has the potential to improve access to justice but also carries a danger that automating law will be used negatively, an innovation charity has warned.

What transparency? Only 28% of websites show prices

7 December 2018

The profession has a long way to go to meet the new price and service transparency requirements, with just 28% of firms compliant or close to compliant, our research has found.

Drunk barrister “cannot remember” misconduct at Bar Mess event

7 December 2018

An experienced barrister told a disciplinary tribunal that he was so drunk at a Bar Mess event he “cannot remember” his “entirely unacceptable” behaviour towards a male pupil.

Quarter of conveyancers “not transparent” on fees

6 December 2018

A quarter of consumers believe their lawyer was “not transparent” on conveyancing fees, new research has shown on the day new price and service transparency rules come into force.

Law Society’s £30m cut of practising fees faces scrutiny

6 December 2018

The £30m that the Law Society levies on solicitors for its representative work is to be put under the microscope by the Legal Services Board next year.

Scandal of barrister who informed on clients to police

5 December 2018

A criminal barrister has caused a scandal in Australia after it emerged that she was acting as a police informant about her gangland clients at the same as she was defending them.

Incoming Bar chair warns of “nightmare scenario” over regulation

4 December 2018

The Bar could be “sleep walking into a nightmare scenario” where new rules mean it has no involvement with its regulator, the incoming chairman of the Bar Council has warned.

Struck-off solicitor fails to overturn sentence for conducting litigation

4 December 2018

The Court of Appeal has refused permission for a struck-off solicitor to appeal against a suspended prison sentence handed out for conducting litigation in breach of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Law firm’s bid to trade mark ‘legal engineer’ rejected

3 December 2018

The Intellectual Property Office has rejected much of a law firm’s bid to trade mark the term ‘legal engineer’, saying it should be free for anyone in the profession to use.

Solicitor rebuked and fined for dealings with journalist

3 December 2018

A solicitor acting in a case of historical sexual abuse has been rebuked for sharing with a journalist a document that then formed the basis of an article, when he should not have done.

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10 December 2018
Barbara Hamilton-Bruce LF conf 2018

People change, people deliver

I’ve been in the midst of change for most of my career. Change was the unintended consequence of getting into PI. Change became intentional when I stepped into a senior operational role.

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