What can you deduct from your client?

Recorded on: 10/05/2022

There are thousands, potentially millions, of claims against solicitors in the pipeline. Aided by businesses specialising in suing solicitors, aggrieved clients unhappy with deductions made from their damages are on the warpath. A series of appeals are to be heard soon, including the Court of Appeal’s second go at Belsner, having aborted the first hearing in February when, overnight, it came to appreciate that major points of law, and the impact of its decision on claimant solicitors, needed to be addressed.

Professor Dominic Regan attended the Belsner hearing, as he did in 2019 when the Court of Appeal heard Herbert. In this webinar, he will look at the landscape and explain the nature of the challenges and what solicitors can do to minimise the risk of a claim.

Topics include:

  • The absolute duty to advise clients of all funding options, whether you offer them or not
  • The rules and presumptions about solicitor/own client costs
  • When is expenditure unusual?
  • The need to keep your client constantly aware of their budget and your expenditure
  • The profound distinction between consent and informed consent
  • Do you owe a fiduciary duty when taking on a client?
  • The issues coming up in the resumed Belsner appeal
  • Why things are certainly going to get worse


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