Use of injunctions in personal protection cases

Recorded on: 07/07/2023

Family practitioner often need to apply for various forms of injunction for personal protection. If these orders are breached, what are the options? This webinar will look at different scenarios and courses of action, consider the case of  DS v AC 2023 EWFC 46 in relation to non–molestation orders and procedure, and also explore the developments surrounding enforcement, particularly regarding committal proceedings.

Key topics include:

  • Remedies for breach
  • Is it a civil or criminal remedy?
  • What steps may the police take?
  • Without notice orders and enforcement – compliance with President’s Guidance
  • Enforcement of exclusion provisions attached to molestation orders
  • Is there a power of arrest attached?
  • What remedies are available in the event of alleged breach of such orders/undertakings?
  • What forms are used and how is the committal application made?
  • Enforcement of occupation orders – use of section 47 Family Law Act 1996

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