Understanding Local Authority planning for children’s placements in care cases

Recorded on: 21/11/2023

Public childcare practitioners need a thorough understanding of the processes surrounding children’s placements. There is often confusion about whether to go to a panel or a review, what their purposes are, what paperwork should be provided to the Agency Decision Maker (ADM) and when the child’s case will be referred to an adoption panel. Matters are complicated further as practice can vary by region.

This webinar explains the processes behind decisions to place children and how panels, fostering and adoption procedures fit together.

The webinar is relevant for those acting for parents, extended family members, local authorities and children, and covers:

  • When and in what circumstances must a local authority be parallel planning?
  • Does it matter if the child’s case is/is not within proceedings when decisions and recommendations are being made by the ADM and Adoption Panel respectively?
  • If a family member comes forward and seeks for the child to be placed with them within care proceedings, what regulations will be applicable?
  • What is the difference in the regulations when placing a child with a parent, as opposed to friends and family?
  • What is a connected person for the purposes of placement of children?
  • What if the ADM has not had the full medical? What are the consequences?  
  • When does a panel decide on best interests?
  • What are ‘matching’ recommendations and decisions ?
  • Care Planning Regulations in England and Wales: What are Schedules 4 and 5 and what is meant by temporary approval?  
  • What about the implication of s.38(6) CA 1989?  


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