Understanding adoption law and placement orders – what, where and how?

Recorded on: 20/04/2023

Family and childcare lawyers are often unfamiliar with the processes of planning for adoption. Common areas of confusion are the role and functions of adoption panels, the technical meaning of ‘matching’, introductions’ and ‘placing’, how placement orders differ from children law orders, and the transfer of parental responsibility.

This webinar will provide an comprehensive explanation of adoption and placement orders and is relevant for lawyers acting for parents, extended family members, local authorities and children.

Topics include:

  • Placement orders – what are these and how are they different to a care order?
  • What is the position with parental responsibility under placement orders, and what factors does the judge have to take into account when deciding whether to make such an order?
  • Adoption panels and processes for approving, matching and recommending – who does what?
  • Revocation of placement orders – in what circumstances might a judge revoke a placement order and what is the consequence of this?
  • Leave to oppose making of adoption orders – what is the correct position with these applications?
  • When will the court grant permission to oppose an adoption application?
  • Adoption procedure and regulations
  • The purpose of the child’s permanence report (written report) and position with the child’s health information
  • Revocation of adoption orders – when would this be granted?


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