Turnover rents and indexed rents – avoid the pitfalls

Available from: 06/07/2022

Turnover rents are becoming more popular since the pandemic, as they reflect the performance of retail tenants where surrounding units are closed due to lockdown or the downturn in “bricks and mortar” shopping generally.  But there are issues with turnover rents, particularly with the drafting of the turnover rent clauses, and legal issues relating to turnover rents on 54 Act lease renewals.  This webinar will look at the main pitfalls when drafting, including:

  • The impact of online sales on turnover rents
  • Including all the income associated with the premises – what does this mean?
  • 54 Act renewal issues

Indexed rents are also becoming more popular, as they allow rents to keep pace with inflation without the parties incurring huge costs in rent review negotiations.  But there are serious pitfalls when drafting indexed rents, and the cases show the horrific consequences of getting the drafting wrong.  This webinar will look at the main pitfalls, including:

  • How to recognise compounding in an indexation formula and how to avoid it
  • Practical drafting tips
  • Lessons from the cases, including Trillium and Monsolar



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