Tips Relating to Trusts Created During Lifetime

Recorded on: 12/05/2021


  • Trusts have been in the estate planner’s armoury since time immemorial in some form or other but they continue to be affected by regulatory and compliance developments which incur administrative costs. At the moment, markets for investment are volatile so we are left with the traditional reasons for using a trust using lifetime. This webinar will explore the uses of trusts during lifetime for families and consider their efficacy in the light of these regulatory and compliance developments


  • Participants will be able to:
    • Identify the main trust used during lifetime
    • Assess the costs of setting up and running a trust
    • Observe the regulatory and compliance obligations


  • Explain why a discretionary trust is usual
  • A costs v benefits analysis of setting up a trust compared to making an outright gift
  • A brief overview of the regulatory and compliance regime
  • Retainers and costs

Watch a two minute preview of the webinar


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