The most common mistakes in civil litigation and how to avoid them

Recorded on: 06/12/2022

The CPR can be a minefield and the law reports are evidence of how often solicitors stumble as they navigate them, sometimes blowing up their case in the process. This year has seen a host of examples of litigation errors from which practitioners need to learn or else face what seems to be a stiffer range of sanctions than we have seen previously. In this webinar, Professor Dominic Regan will review recent case law where things have gone wrong and what has happened as a result.

Topics include:

  • More service disasters
  • Naming and shaming solicitors who don’t comply with the rules
  • Severe sanctions for disclosure lapses
  • Refusal of relief from sanctions when even one day late
  • Meddling with experts’ reports
  • Allocation to a proportionate track
  • ‘Losing’ evidence
  • Unsuccessful attempts to exceed guideline hourly rates
  • Making very high offers to settle


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