The complexity of RNRB in estate administration

Recorded on: 23/02/2022


  • The RNRB has now been with us since 2017 and reached it maximum allowance in April 2021 where it is frozen to 5 April 2026. It is a significant enhancement to the nil rate band and transferable nil rate band but given it only applies to those estates where a residential property (or its equivalent if downsizing applies) passes to lineal descendants care is needed in estate administration to spot where it is applicable and if it is not immediately so, whether things can be improved post death to bring in the enhancement. This webinar will explore all these issues.


Practitioners will be able to administer estates IHT efficiently as far as the residence nil rate band is concerned


  • Quantifying the allowance across two estates
    • The £2 million threshold
    • TRNRB
  • Does a permitted form of settlement apply?
    • Spouse/civil partner
    • Children and remoter issue
  • Can a post re-arrangement improve the position?
  • Using powers of advancement
  • The problem of unmarried couples



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