Ten Traps To Avoid In Leases

Recorded on: 27/10/2020

This webinar will highlight common problems encountered when dealing with both residential and commercial leases, including:

  • What happens if I (inadvertently) grant a lease of premises that I have already let?
  • What happens if I (inadvertently) grant an underlease for a term that is equal to, or longer than, my own lease?
  • What happens if I extend the term or the demise of an existing lease by way of a deed of variation?
  • Issues when granting an option to renew a lease
  • What happens if a tenant assigns their lease to their own guarantor?
  • What terms are implied in a lease where not expressly stated? (to include quiet enjoyment, derogation from grant, rights and reservations, forfeiture, repair, alterations, user, rent, VAT, rent review, notices)
  • Registering leases on assignment and the boomerang lease
  • Upwards only rent reviews and rent suspension
  • Tenant break options and refund of rent etc. paid in advance
  • What happens when the landlord covenants to insure only the demised premises in a multi-let building?



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