SRA Standards and Regulations 2019 – innovation or consolidation 2022

Available from: 18/05/2022

More than two years after their introduction the ‘new’ Standards and Regulations (STARs) are with us and in full force. What difference have they made to you and your working life? Maybe not much. On the other hand, there would now appear to be a raft of smaller firms disintegrating into smaller self-employed freelance units and, at the other end of the spectrum, larger firms being subsumed into ever larger groupings of law firms. The market appears to be polarising.

What of the rest of us? There are some threats lurking in amongst the new Codes of Conduct, not least of which is that we have lost our monopoly on employing ‘solicitors’ to advise the general public. Other organisations can now offer seemingly the same product as we do to our client-base, possibly more cheaply and more accessibly than we do. But, there are risks to the legal advice gained from those other, possibly unregulated, service providers.

The SRA Resources also offer some thoughts on the measures the regulators would be looking for in the systems and procedures firms should have in place. They also offer some thoughts on client care letters and communications and the increasingly difficult area of insurance cover, including cyber-insurance.

Fee-earning and administrative staff would both benefit from this webinar which will consider:

  • An outline of the new Rules
  • New possibilities for firms
  • New possibilities for individual solicitors – who is offering the best package?
  • New insurance possibilities – ‘adequate and appropriate’ cover
  • Client care communications – some thoughts
  • Requirements of non-regulated employers
  • The SRA ‘logo’
  • Legal professional privilege, undertakings and other pitfalls


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