SRA Codes of Conduct – costs; conflicts and confidentiality; undertakings

Available from: 08/07/2022

The SRA Codes of Conduct have undergone much simplification as part of the SRA’s 2019 review of its rules and regulations. However, the rules still exhort practitioners to explain costs in as much detail as possible – whilst not bamboozling the client. The old concepts of conflicts of interest and confidentiality still appear in both iterations of the Codes in much their current, old form and the position on undertakings is no clearer than it ever was.

However, what do the Rules allow? What do they mean? What is the current state of the law and the ethical position, now the Rules hardly say anything?

This webinar looks at the following topics:

The rules on costs discussions

  • What, when and how?
  • Accurate estimations
  • The changing face of ‘costing’ services
  • Beware ‘costs creep’

Conflicts of interest: Rule 6

  • The rule
  • The exemptions
  • When dare we act for more than one client?
  • What does informed consent really mean?
  • Other ‘conflict’ situations


  • The rules
  • The exemptions
  • The duty of disclosure
  • What the duty really means
  • The interaction with legal professional privilege
  • The importance of observing the rules at all times
  • GDPR implications


  • The rule
  • The definitions
  • The traps for the unwary
  • Can an emoji give you grief?



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