Serving A Claim Form – Avoiding The Traps For The Unwary

Recorded on: 14/09/2020

It is extraordinary how often lawyers are tripped up by service. The law reports are bursting with miserable tales of them getting it wrong – in the first week of July alone, there were two reported cases where proceedings failed because they were served on solicitors who had not been nominated, or stated that they would not accept service. Leaving service to the last minute often causes a problem, while ironically there have been several professional negligence cases where it has been an issue. This topic is as important for defendants as it is for claimants.

In this webinar, Professor Dominic Regan will examine and explain the fundamentals of service and identify the traps, of which there are many. Topics he will cover include:

– The time limits

– Service on a limited company

– What happens if someone else is nominated to accept?

– If it goes wrong, can I issue afresh?

– Want of authority to bring proceedings

– Deemed date or actual date ?

This is a fundamental issue whose intricacies litigators need to be on top of. This webinar will help you avoid the pitfalls and reduce the risk of finding yourself on the wrong end of a properly served negligence claim.

Watch a two minute preview of the webinar


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