Service charges: liability and recoverability – advice for landlords and tenants

Recorded on: 30/09/2021

Service charges can so often lead to disputes; tenants believing landlords are overcharging and landlords believing tenants are deliberately refusing to pay sums properly due. “A more potent recipe for expensive and unproductive litigation it would be difficult to devise” said Jonathan Gaunt QC in the 2006 Princes House case. This webinar draws together recent useful case law to look at the practical lessons to be learned for both residential and commercial leases:

  • What does a “due proportion” mean and who decides it? Criterion v McKinsey; Aviva v Williams
  • Why the lease terms are still paramount: H Stain v Richmond; Anchor v Waby
  • Certificates of cost: who prepares them and what do they cover? S&H v Blacks; Powell v Aleksandrova
  • ‘Undoing’ service charges and adding items to the costs: Curo v Pimlett; Universities Superannuation

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