Roundup of recent cases in wills and probate

Recorded on: 15/11/2023


To discuss the outcome of recent cases in wills and probate and their impact on a practitioner’s day-to-day work.


Participants will be able to avoid traps in taking instructions and drafting wills and in undertaking estate administration.


  • Wills
    • Testamentary capacity
    • Mutual wills
    • Validity of wills
    • Lack of knowledge and approval
    • Undue influence in making of will
    • Testator’s intention when making will
    • Testamentary freedom
  • Probate
    • Applying for presumption of death certificate
    • Re-sealing – retrospective effect?
    • Can a beneficiary challenge a solicitor’s costs?
    • When is a will not revoked by a subsequent marriage?
    • How long after death can you challenge a will?
    • Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependent) Act 1975 claims
    • Proprietary estoppel over farmland following father’s death
    • Provision of estate accounts


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