Retail Leases in a Changing World Part 1 – Turnover Rents, New Use Classes Order, Breaking the Lease, Quiet Enjoyment and Derogation from Grant

Recorded on: 25/01/2021

This 2-part webinar looks at the impact of increased internet shopping, lockdowns and Covid 19 on retail leases: tackling both retailers’ needs to limit outgoings and obtain future flexibility, and landlords’ needs for certainty of rental stream and good tenant mix.

The 1st of 2 sessions covers:

  • Managing the downturn – tips & traps
    • Planning issues & the new Use Classes Order;
    • Breaking the lease & compliance with conditions;
    • Turnover rents: drafting for the internet age;
  • Quiet enjoyment and derogation from grant – tenants’ rights where landlords
    • Change access; Platt v London Underground
    • Landlord’s works: Jafari v Tareem; Timothy Taylor v Mayfair;

The second session, (separate fee applicable) to be presented by Sarah Thompson Copsey, will be available from 28th January and will cover:

  • More tips & traps for managing the downturn
    • Change of use & alterations: landlord’s consent?
    •  ‘keep open’ covenants, anchor tenants & the impact on rent
    • Terminal dilapidations – is there any point? Supersession & diminution post COVID
  • Insolvency
    • The impact of the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020;
    • Landlord insolvency: lessons from the Intu administration
    • Tenant insolvency: the Debenhams CVA – what landlord remedies remain?


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