Progress in public children matters 2021

Recorded on: 08/10/2021

There have been many developments in public children law in 2021. This webinar will update family practitioners on matters ranging from decisions surrounding removal of children under interim care, best practice guidance in running care cases, the impact of COVID–19 to public children law cases, as well as planning for adoption and other forms of permanency.

The following areas will be covered:

  • Removal of children under interim care orders – Effect of Re C (A Child) (Interim Separation) [2019] and more recently in P (A Child) (Interim Separation) [2021 EWCA Civ 499]
  • Continuing impact of COVID -19 and contact issues, following Re D-S (Contact with children in care: Covid 19) [2020 EWCA Civ 1031]
  • Directions for assessment under s.38(6) – Consideration of Re Y (A Child) (s.38(6) Assessment) [2018] and Re G (A Child) [2020 EWCA Civ 282]
  • Children relinquished for adoption and family members not to be notified – Consideration of A, B and C (Adoption: Notification of Fathers and Relatives) [2020] and A local authority v JK and another [2021 EWHC 33] (Fam)
  • Secure Accommodation and deprivation of liberty cases – Consideration of Supreme Court decision in Re T (A child) [2021 UKSC 35]
  • Implications of Public Law Working Party Final Report and Best Practice Guidance (March 2021) – What key aspects do all practitioners need to be aware of?
  • Appeal regarding a placement order – Impact of Re S (A Child: Placement Order) [2021 EWCA Civ 1212]

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