Partnership and LLPs – An introduction to expulsions and forced retirements

Available from: 04/06/2024

This webinar will cover the key issues arising in respect of expulsions of Partners in a traditional Partnership and LLP Members in an LLP.

It will touch upon Partnership Law, Limited Liability Partnership Law, Discrimination Law and offers a brief overview of the tactical process and potential remedies for those involved in a dispute. The legal risks will be addressed in the context of each of the areas outlined below.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Decision making principles in Partnerships and LLPs
  • No fault expulsion
  • Fault expulsion
  • Discrimination Law fundamentals and common issues arising
  • Risk management and remedies
  • Practical tips on managing the end of a Partnership or LLP arrangement.


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Sole practitioner:  £88.00

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