Nuptial agreements and inheritances

Recorded on: 08/06/2023

Family lawyers are frequently asked to advise on the drafting of both pre- and post-nuptial agreements (often referred to as nuptial agreements).

How has the law and practice surrounding the use and drafting of these developed over the years?

When would they be used? Are they only of use in cases involving disparity of wealth?

How does the court deal with matters relating to inheritance, when deciding on the division of marital assets?

Can pre-marital inheritance be ring-fenced, and if so, in what circumstances?

These and other questions will be answered in this webinar.

Topics include:

  • Developments in the law surrounding prenuptial agreements
  • Impact of Radmacher v. Granatino [2010] UKSC 42
  • Are pre-nuptial agreements binding, and what are the benefits of such agreements?
  • Nuptial agreements and meeting needs – Consideration of Ipekci v McConnell 2019 EWFC 19 and Robson v. Robson 2010 EWCA Civ 1171
  • Distinction between marital and non-marital property – WX v HX (Treatment of Matrimonial and Non- Matrimonial Property) 2021 EWHC 241 (Fam)
  • Consideration of agreements following Collardeau-Fuchs V Fuchs 2022 EWFC 6 and WC v HC (Financial Remedies Agreements) (Rev 1) 2022 EWFC 22
  • Consideration of Collardeau-Fuchs V Fuchs (Rev 1) 2022 EWFC 135
  • Impact of WC v HC 2022 EWFC 22 – undue influence and impact upon a pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreement
  • Impact of HD v WB 2023 EWFC 2 – the effect of a pre-nuptial agreement
  • What about future inheritance? Consideration of Alireza v Radwan and Others 2017 EWCA Civ 1545



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