Marketing the Professional Firm in the New Regulatory Environment

Recorded on: 13/12/2019

Marketing is largely thought of by lawyers as a dirty word. But, with the advent of the new rules that allow solicitors to work anywhere and offer almost the same legal offering to the general public, it is becoming ever more important.

Other professionals, as well as all kinds of other organisations, will be competing for our client base and will be able to offer much the same service as we can, but on a cheaper, more accessible and friendlier basis.

As was said on Radio 4 recently, ‘which professional service does not publish its prices online nowadays’ our transparency rules have thrust the regime of marketing to the general public onto an unwilling legal profession as never before.

But – how effective are our strategies?

Fee-earning and administrative staff would both benefit from this webinar which considers:

  • A possible definition of ‘marketing’
  • Transparency rules 2018
  • Social media, websites, sponsorship, events, advertisements, publications, networking and personal impressions
  • The importance of having a public face, of exerting yourself in an increasingly competitive commercial marketplace and
  • People buy people first
  • Things that make you go WOW
  • Legal professional privilege


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