Listed buildings – issues for conveyancers

Recorded on: 11/03/2022

Conveyancers may think that the conveyancing issues to be considered when dealing with a listed building is a “niche” area. However residential listed buildings are not rare as it has been estimated by Historic England that there are approximately 500,000 listed buildings. Given that, an understanding of the key issues relating to listed buildings is an essential tool for conveyancers.

Listing is not a preservation order. It does not freeze a building in time, it simply means that listed building consent must be applied for to make any changes to that building which might affect its special interest.

This webinar will look at key practical issues including:

  • What does “listed” mean?
  • The categories of listing
  • Limitations imposed on listed building owners
  • What does and does not need listed building consent?
  • What is a “building”?


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