Lease expiry and fixtures – should they stay or should they go?

Recorded on: 26/05/2023

All too often, when tenant’s alterations are documented, not enough thought is given to what will happen in practical terms at the end of the lease.  This is ever more important, as increasingly flexible lease terms lessen the degree of control which the landlord can exert, and increase the frequency of lease expiries.  This is an area in which the law continues to develop, with important cases in the last few years on fixtures and fittings, as well as on the nature of a tenant’s obligation to yield up with vacant possession.  The commercial consequences of not documenting these issues correctly can be significant.  This webinar considers the implications of common terms in leases and licences to alter, against the background of the up-to-date caselaw, and gives practical guidance as to options on lease expiry.

  • Can a tenant remove tenant’s fixtures if the landlord forfeits the lease?
  • Can compensation for improvements be claimed if the landlord requires the tenant to reinstate alterations?
  • What are the implications when leases come up for renewal?
  • Yielding-up obligations

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