Introduction to rent review in commercial leases

Recorded on: 22/11/2023

This webinar will give an overview of what is typically included in open-market rent review provisions, while focussing on perennial issues such as whether the hypothetical lease should include a break option, what should be the assumed length of term, and whether a ‘headline rent’ is effectively excluded.  The procedural aspects are just as important as the valuation aspects, however, and this webinar will survey the range of procedures.

Topics covered will include:

  • Different types of variable rents
  • Drafting to arrive at the open market rental value
  • Components of a well-drafted rent review clause
  • Issues for both landlord and tenant
  • Rentalisation of tenants’ works
  • Notice and counternotice procedures, and common errors
  • Retrospective operation of rent review clauses
  • Whether to provide for expert determination or arbitration



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