Intellectual property for the high street practitioner

Available from: 23/09/2021

Intellectual property is everywhere – in what we do on the Internet, in the brands we see in shops, in the computer programs we rely on, and in things we use every day, such as vacuum cleaners. It’s also in the heads of our clients, whatever the size of our practices: although it is commonly thought of as the preserve of big firms or specialist boutiques, there’s a lot in the IP world that high street practices can help their clients with.

This one-hour webinar does not try to make IP specialists out of everyone. It is designed to give you the tools to recognise an IP issue when a client brings it in, and to help your client through at least the first few stages. Often the client will have to be referred to a specialist, but if you can postpone that moment by providing what your client needs initially everyone will be happier.

Starting off in intellectual property

  • “It’s my intellectual property,” says the client: identify exactly which legal rights might help
  • “I paid for it, so I must own it”: pitfalls when commissioning work from others
  • “No other businesses in my field have a trade mark identical to mine, so can we register it?”: conflicts with other people’s trade marks and how to deal with them
  • “I got them to sign a non-disclosure agreement that I found on the Internet, so I can safely tell them about my idea”: the importance and practicality of protecting trade secrets
  • “I haven’t got a registered trade mark, but can I stop my competitor ripping me off?”: the benefits and costs of passing off
  • “It’s damaging my business, but I can’t afford to sue”: alternatives to the High Court

Where to get specialist help

  • The IP bar
  • Patent attorneys
  • Trade mark attorneys
  • Intellectual property solicitors
  • Other IP professionals


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