Injunctions in personal protection cases and civil and criminal enforcement

Available from: 08/07/2022

Family practitioners will invariably be faced with not only applying for injunctions for personal protection, but also seeking to enforce such orders.

What remedies are available? Is it a civil or criminal remedy? What can be done in the event of an alleged breach of these orders? What forms are used? What is the procedure?

This webinar will explore these and other questions, as well as the developments surrounding enforcement, in particular the changes to committal proceedings.

Topics include:

  • What orders are available?
  • Non-molestation and occupation orders
  • Use of ancillary orders – s.40 Family Law Act 1996 and enforcement
  • Without notice orders and enforcement – compliance with President’s Guidance
  • Enforcement of exclusion provisions attached to molestation orders
  • Public law children orders and enforcement
  • Use of inherent jurisdiction and Ouster orders
  • Use of inherent jurisdiction and Child Sexual Exploitation Orders
  • Forced Married Protection Orders and enforcement – recent statutory guidance
  • Practice Guidance Family Court ‐ duration of Ex Parte (Without Notice) Orders 18 January 2017
  • Position with undertakings and enforcement – When may an undertaking not be accepted?
  • Enforcement of occupation orders – use of section 47 Family Law Act 1996
  • Criminal sanctions and use of Domestic Violence, Crimes and Victims of Act 2004
  • Powers of court on committal
  • Civil remedies
  • Part 37 Family Procedure Rules 2010 – Use of FC600 form
  • Options at a committal hearing



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