Fixtures, fittings and chattels – do you know the difference and why it matters?

Recorded on: 16/04/2021

Can you tell the difference between a fixture, a fitting and a chattel?  What about landlord’s fixtures and tenant’s fixtures?  Or things that are part of the land itself?  And does it really matter?  There have been several recent cases on these topics – in particular, that of Borwick Development Solutions Ltd v Clear Water Fisheries Ltd [2020] EWCA Civ 578. And the answer is definitely “yes”, it really does matter, as this webinar, relevant to both residential and commercial property practitioners, will show, covering:

  • The distinction between a fixture and a chattel
  • Landlord’s fixtures
  • Tenant’s fixtures
  • Why this matters
  • When is a solar panel a fixture and when is it a chattel?
  • Lessons from recent cases

Watch a two minute preview of the webinar


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