Enforcement of child arrangements orders

Recorded on: 06/04/2023

Family lawyers can often become involved in enforcement issues, particularly of child arrangements orders, which relate to spending time with or having contact with a child.

This area can become incredibly contentious. This webinar will provide some grounding on the various enforcement options, how they operate in practice, and how to decide what works best in your client’s circumstances.

The webinar will cover various methods of enforcement – including enforcement orders, compensation, switching of ‘live with’ arrangements, and committal – relating to private law children cases, involving not only parents, but other family members.

Topics include:

  • Child arrangements orders – effect, criteria and procedure
  • What is meant by ‘make available’, as opposed to ‘ensure’?
  • Enforcement of child arrangements orders
  • Use of s.11(7) CA 1989 directions
  • Guidelines for judges meeting children
  • Use of Rule 16.4 FPR 2010
  • Directions under s.37 CA 1989 – How would these be of assistance?
  • Switching of child arrangements
  • Imprisonment – steps to be taken under Part 37 FPR 2010
  • Shared child arrangements orders ‘living with’
  • Conditional switching of ‘live with’ arrangements
  • Parental alienation and enforcement
  • Enforcement orders, financial compensation, activity directions and conditions
  • Costs orders and when these would be applicable


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