Divorce, dissolution and nullity proceedings: current practice, online procedure and the impact of the new Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act

Recorded on: 08/03/2022

On 6 April 2022 the most significant changes to divorce law for over 49 years will come into effect, heralding a wholesale move towards online divorce as well as finally making the concept of ‘non-fault’ divorce a reality. In this webinar we will look at what family practitioners should be doing to prepare for the new procedures, forms and timescales to ensure they are up to date and ready to act.

We will look at the following points in particular:

  • Developments in the divorce processes
  • Principles of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 – how will this change divorce law and procedure as we know it?
  • Removal of the facts for divorce
  • New terminology
  • Joint applications – how will this work and why is this such an important innovation?
  • What will happen to ‘hardship’ and other defences?
  • The online divorce process – what do you need to know and how are things being done differently?
  • What is the position with costs under the new law?
  • How will the service rules and time limits change?
  • What is the difference between a ‘defended’ divorce and a ‘disputed’ divorce under the new law?


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