Covid-19, Cybersecurity and Other Compliance Issues

Recorded on: 21/05/2020

Is your firm remaining compliant during lockdown, with furloughing and home working disrupting normal processes? Does this unprecedented time make your business more susceptible to breaches of security and confidentiality, as well as many more inventive scams taking advantage of the pandemic?

Just how do you ensure that your home-working staff are safe from scamsters, fraudsters and hackers? How do COLPs and COFAs keep an eye on the niceties of the SRA Codes of Conduct and Accounts Rules, with their new relaxations? How do you keep control of client money and reconciliations every five weeks? Is everyone compliant with the rules on social networking and [not] publishing their views online? How is confidentiality preserved when offices are closed and unmanned? And, as relaxations on home-moving are introduced, what about the future – will there be one worthy of the name, and for whom?

This webinar will explore all the various concerns that lawyers may have at this worrisome time, and will answer some key questions, such as

  • The regulator’s approach – ‘regulatory forbearance’?
  • Our duties, generally – are we essential workers?
  • Specific Code of Conduct and Accounts rules provisions
  • Confidentiality and home working
  • GDPR issues not to forget
  • Scams, frauds and other things to watch while homeworking
    • Covid-19 risks
    • Cyber Essentials as a remedy
    • Personal ID fraud – the latest
    • What to do if you fall victim
  • AML compliance when meeting clients is off the agenda
  • Supervision of absent staff and of client matters
  • Maintaining professional competence in a time of crisis
  • Specific assistance for law firms – CBILS, worker protection scheme, self-employed assistance
  • Breach and financial difficulty reporting obligations

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