Costs challenges after Belsner

Recorded on: 14/11/2022

On 27 October, the Court of Appeal – led by the Master of the Rolls – handed down judgment in both Belsner and Karatysz. While the solicitors in Belsner won, they did not come out unscathed and there are a lot of lessons to learn from both cases on deductions from damages, informed consent and challenges to bills. The consequences for costs disputes will be far-reaching, not least with 900 other actions stayed pending the outcome and the court indicating its desire for reform, including of the distinction between contentious and non-contentious business. In this webinar, Professor Dominic Regan will consider the judgments and what it means for solicitors who want to lawfully deduct a costs contribution from clients. Topics will include:

  • What precisely did Belsner and Karatysz decide?
  • Is Herbert affected?
  • Is this the death knell for the Checkmylegalfees model?
  • How might client challenges be pursued in future?
  • What steps can firms take to mitigate the risk of challenges?
  • The one change to make immediately to your bills!


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