Contract Law Update

Recorded on: 25/10/2019

This webinar provides an overview of key developments and sets out a series of practical steps that practitioners should take in response to the issues discussed. Topics will include:

Contract formation

  • can a contract be made orally, while standing in a bus shelter?
  • can an extension to an earn out arrangement in a share purchase agreement bind the parties, or is it an agreement to agree?
  • when will a heads of terms document be legally binding?

Contract interpretation

  • how will the court apply the rules to determine whether a clause is a condition or an innominate term?

Exclusion and limitation clauses

  • how will the court decide whether a contract is ‘written standard terms’ under s3 of UCTA 1977?
  • how will the courts apply the reasonableness test?

Liquidated damages

  • what is required for the courts to uphold a liquidated damages clause?
  • does it matter what you call the clause – penalty or liquidated damages?

Good faith

  • in what circumstances will the courts be prepared to imply a duty of good faith into a contract?
  • what is the meaning of ‘good faith’ in English law?

Implied terms

  • can a term be implied so as to transform an incomplete bargain into a binding contract?

Boilerplate clauses

  • what impact, if any, does Brexit have on frustration and force  majeure?


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